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Katie Hilton is a dual qualified nurse, midwife and health visitor. Her experience has been mainly in labour delivery, postnatal and public/family health setting within both the hospital and community. Katie has experience working with families in both the UK, North America and Asia. Her specialist areas include infant feeding, sleep and child development. Katie currently practices independently as a Midwife and Health Visitor and provides specialist advice to parents and families on behalf of the parenting press and nursery industry brands.

Moving from Cot to Bed – Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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  Moving from a cot to a big bed can be both a challenging and exciting time for both parents and child.   Most toddlers make the transition from cot to bed between about 18 months and three years. However, there’s no specific time that your toddler needs to move to a new bed.   […]

Five Common Sleep Mistakes Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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  At MAM we know that getting your little one to sleep and to stay asleep can be a challenge, we’ve asked our resident Expert Midwife & Health Visitor Katie Hilton to share the top five mistakes parents make when putting their babies down to sleep.   High Expectations You’re probably heard friends and family […]

Developing a Bedtime Routine Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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  Questions most often asked by parents are around the introduction of a bedtime routine for a baby. At MAM we want to support you on your parenting journey so we’ve asked our Expert Midwife & Health Visitor Katie Hilton to fill us in on bedtime routines.   By the time your baby is around […]

MAM Night-time Glow Soother Review – Papa Pete

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  Papa Pete | Blog scribblings of a doting West Yorkshire dad | MAM Night-time Glow Soother Review   I’ve been wondering what to write a review about for a while now (if any manufacturers want to send me free stuff that’s fine by me, might spur me on a bit) and then the other night […]

Milk, Water & Drinks – Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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  Once your baby is eating a few solids, they might start to feel a little bit thirstier, but what drinks are safe to give?   Cow’s Milk It’s fine to use a little cow’s milk in your baby’s food once your little one has started on solids. Yoghurt and mild cheese are also fine […]

Top Tips for using a Breast Pump – Katie – MAM Expert Midwife

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BC0101 MAM Manual Breast Pump small

  Expressing breastmilk is great for a number of reasons. The first being that expressing will enable you to build a supply of breastmilk for feeding your baby when you are not around. This is especially useful if you plan on returning to work, have social commitments but still want your baby to have your […]

How To Start Weaning – Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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Babys Cutlery_green_SML

  Before you even start down the exciting path of introducing your little one to those amazing first few tastes of food, there is a number of important items you will need to hand! Many parents find that selecting spoons and bowls in a bright and colourful design offers the added advantage of attracting their […]

Signs Your Baby May Be Ready for Weaning – Katie MAM Expert Midwife

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  The Department of Health recommend exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months of your baby’s life, after which you can them start to wean them onto solid foods. However, all babies are of course different and you may find that your baby is ready to accept solid foods both earlier or later than six […]

Weaning: What To Give When – Katie Hilton – MAM Expert Midwife & Health Visitor

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    Your baby has finally reached six months and it’s time to introduce solid foods. Every baby is of course different and each family takes a different approach to weaning, some prefer baby led weaning while others prefer to stick to spoon-feeding purees. One thing is for sure, by six months of age your […]

Storing & Handling Breastmilk – Katie the Midwife

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  Your milk is a living substance, so precious some call it “liquid gold”. It is essential to store your expressed breastmilk properly to maximize its nutritional and anti-infective qualities. Breastmilk actually has anti-bacterial properties that help it to stay fresh. Giving your baby the freshest milk you have pumped ensures its high quality.   […]